Innovative remote monitoring systems for properties 
across the UK

At Dragon Fire & Security Systems, we take your security seriously. Utilising the UK’s leading independent alarm receiving centre, we’ve formed strong business partnerships with some of the biggest names in communications. We’re able to provide you with a superior network of support across all remote monitoring system in South Wales. Ensure your property is kept safe and protected at all times with a premium remote monitoring system from our specialists. 

Remote security for all systems 

With extensive resources at our fingertips, our professional team monitors all types of security systems including fire, intruder, freezer, medical, mechanical and environmental alarms as well as CCTV, personal attack systems and lone worker solutions. At Dragon Fire & Security Systems, we’re able to monitor systems across South Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend, Bristol and the surrounding regions. 
remote CCTV monitoring
CCTV footage being monitored

Your reliable monitoring professionals

All of your remote monitoring systems are monitored by our superb team of highly trained professionals. Our experts provide the rapid response and exceptional level of customer care to meet the high demands of our private, public, commercial, corporate and industrial clients. We take safety and security seriously, offering premium remote monitoring for your peace of mind. 
graphic of alarm sounding
for added peace of mind choose a remote monitoring system
call us on 0800 018 7772 for more.
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