Gate safety checks for functionality and compliance 
in South Wales

Unfortunately, accidents can happen due to automatic gates. Gate safety checks are therefore critical to ensuring your gates are operating properly and safely. The experienced engineers at Dragon Fire & Security Systems carry out thorough risk assessments and gate safety checks to ensure your gates are compliant with all Health & Safety Legislation and Directions. We provide comprehensive gate safety checks on gates across South Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend, Bristol and the surrounding areas. 

The importance of gate safety risk assessments 

Utilising our experience and expertise, we’ve found that as many as 80% of gate systems are dangerous and could potentially injure someone. To protect yourself and others, gate safety checks and risk assessments are essential. In most cases, infra-red beams alone are unacceptable as safety features. Motors need to be EN compliant and gates must be marked with CE labels. At Dragon Fire & Security Systems, we’re able to inspect your gates, offering a full written report of any hazards as well as a competitive quotes should any work be required. 
Gate Safety Risk Assessments

European Safety Regulations 

All gate installations must meet with the machinery directive 2006/42/EC with EN13241-1 being the regulations concerning gates. The installer of the gates is responsible for conformity, not the manufacturer. The two main EN regulations applicable are EN12452, describing the safety levels when installing a gate, and EN12445, describing the testing method that must be undertaken. The major points are the maximum amount of force at certain test points. 

For example, a maximum of 400N of force can be applied in the last 50, 300 and 500mm of travel of a gate. After the initial impact the force must drop to 150N within 0.75 of a second and reduce to 25N within 5 seconds. During the mid travel of a gate the allowable force is 1400N. 

A full risk assessment of gates must take place with all crush, shearing, trapping, dragging and cutting points shown with appropriate protection devices offered and a recommended maintenance program. The installer must confirm that all electrical equipment fitted has the European CE mark. 

To conform to these regulations, gates must be checked with a calibrated force tester with results kept on file for 7 years. If a gate is not tested it cannot comply. 

Most gate kits can be fitted with safety equipment so these limits are achieved and cover EN13241-1. 
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